Baking and Cereal Enzymes

Baking and Cereal Enzymes

Having earned a reputation of being a world-class, market focused industry leader in Sub Saharan Africa, Anchor Yeast prides itself on providing the right solutions to most baking and related requirements. Anchor Yeast’s philosophy is to be at the forefront of dough raising technology, innovation and to constantly meet the changing needs of customers. We focus on bringing solutions in the form of specialized products and services. Our products together with our distribution network, technical expertise, training and product development capability, provide our customers with a unique package.

Product Range and Service

Anchor Yeast has forged strong international alliances with DSM, a global leader in Food Enzymes. This combination of yeast and enzymes positions us uniquely as leaders in dough raising technology. We offer the Bakezyme range of concentrated single innovative, cost effective enzyme functionalities or tailor made products to suit key customer requirements, providing customers with safe and convenient formulations, to specific requirements. Local enzyme stocks are kept to ensure continuous reliable supply at all times. As part of our service offering we have a proven, dedicated Product Development & Application capability with highly competent and capable technical application managers to assist customers with product formulation and application.

The Range Includes:
Glucose Oxidases
Lipases incl. Emulsifier Replacement Enzyme: Phospholipase
Reducing Agent: Glutathione

The enzymes can be utilised by the following industries:

Baking Industry / Bread Improver Manufacturers

  • To produce high performance improvers for baked products, which improve proofing and fermentation tolerance in production and provide baked products with improved appearance, extended shelf life (anti staling), improved crumb texture and aroma.
  • For replacement of chemicals, e.g. L-cysteine, potassium bromate. DATEM and SSL
  • For improved quality of frozen doughs (non- and pre-proofed and par barked).
  • For vital wheat gluten and emulsifier reduction / replacement.

Milling Industry

  • For standardization of the amylolytic and rheological properties of wheat and rye flours
  • For production of tailor-made flour premixes.
  • For correction of flours for the production of biscuits, crackers and wafers.

Biscuit, Pie, Cracker, Wafer and Snack Producers

  • For relaxation of strong wheat flours to prevent shrinkage and breakage
  • For metabisulfite replacement
  • For high fibre biscuits and crackers to improve dough handling and eating properties
  • For easier wafer production without gluten separation and lower energy consumption a
  • For improved wafer quality (less breakage and lower hygroscopicity of the wafer).

Snack, Pasta and Noodle Producers

  • To lower energy cost
  • For new innovative products
  • To improve process and product quality