Cereal Enzymes – Milling

Cereal Enzymes – Milling

Fungal Alpha Amylase: Bakezyme P 500 Adjustment of amylolytic activity, reduces fermentation time and improves texture, shelf life and baking volume.


Fungal Hemicellulase: Bakezyme HSP 6000 Improves dough stability and tolerance, higher oven spring, increase crumb softness and high baking volume.
Bacterial Hemicellulase: Bakezyme BXP 5000 Improves dough stability and tolerance, increase crumb softness and baking volume. Improves dough handling – less sticky doughs.


Fungal Protease: Bakezyme PPU 9500 Softening strong gluten, increases dough extensibility, improves machinability, pan flow and baking volume.
Bacterial Protease: Bakezyme B 500 Improves rheological properties and dough machinability.
Papain: Collupulin Softening strong gluten flour, improves machinability and avoids cracking.


Glucose Oxidase: Bakezyme GO 1500 Improves rheological properties and strengthens the gluten matrix.