Bakery Training

If you’re looking to train your staff on the finer points of baking, look no further than the Anchor Bakery Training Centre, accredited in 2002 with the FoodBev SETA as a training and assessment provider.

For over 25 years, we have been offering training courses for small and industrial bakers that cover the basics in baking craft bread to the more advanced aspects of flour confectionery.

The courses are continually updated and include comprehensive learner guides that serve as good reference once once back in the workplace. The courses have also been split into smaller units to give the learners a greater choice.

The Skills Programmes are now divided into fermented goods (bread, rolls and sweet dough), chemically aerated products (cakes, sponges and scones) and pastries (choux, short and Danish).

All the skills programmes are registered with the Foodbev SETA; and contribute to the National Certificate in Craft Bread and Flour Confectionery Baking (NQF 2).

In addition to the accredited skills programmes, Anchor also offers courses in Baking Theory (Ingredients and Process – 1 Day) and Practical Breadfaults (2 days).

Learners on all courses receive practical hands-on tutoring and are also lectured on the theoretical aspects of all products covered. Planning, preparation, hygiene and safety are integral parts of all courses. Learners should leave the course with the ability to manage themselves in an actual baking environment.

Learners are continuously assessed on theoretical as well as practical aspects, with the emphasis on applied knowledge and skills.

For additional information and bookings, contact the Bakery Training Centre at:

Tel : (011) 248 8357

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or click here to download the training schedule directly:

Training Schedule 2017