Who are we?

We are one of three Business Units of Anchor Yeast. Our specialty, wine yeast innovation, explains why today Anchor is the world’s leading New World wine yeast brand.

The premium we place on yeast ideas and innovation has led us to notching up a number of world yeast firsts. We were the first to introduce dry wine yeast to the southern hemisphere. The first to introduce hybridised yeast to the world. And, we were the first company to introduce a range of yeast that offer today’s winemaker all the yeast innovation required to make New World or modern technological style wines. Plus, our range offers one more other big advantage: complete peace of mind. This is because our yeasts are unparalleled for both reliability and complete fermentations.

Oh, and wine isn’t all we specialise in! We were the first dry yeast to be successfully trialled and today, commercially used, in Scotland for the making of Scotch malt whisky.

Our penchant for innovation continues. Our parent company, Lallemand, is the world’s most innovative bio-tech company. Lallemand provides us with substantial R&D resources to ensure that we continue to provide the world cutting-edge wine yeast technology.

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