Gold Star Instant Yeast

Gold Star Instant Yeast Specifications

In South Africa, Green and Gold are the colours of the nation. The ultimate proof that someone has reached the top of their game. As the leading consumer yeast brand in South Africa, Gold Star Instant Yeast has a reputation for quality, performance and consistency. Gold Star has earned the respect of the nation. It does not need to be dissolved in water and can be added directly to the dry ingredients. Gold Star Instant yeast is available in a portion controlled 10g foil laminated sachet which guarantees freshness for up to 24 months.
GS 48 x 10 Display 724 450x300
DESCRIPTION Gold Star Instant Yeast
PACK SIZE 48 x 10g Sachets
BARCODE 6001323106725
SHELF LIFE 24 months

GS 24x10 Display 726 450
DESCRIPTION Gold Star Instant Yeast
PACK SIZE 24 x 10g Sachets
BARCODE 6001323106749
SHELF LIFE 24 months

GS 12x10g STRIP PACK 743 450x170
DESCRIPTION Anchor Instant Yeast
PACK SIZE 12 x 10g Sachets
BARCODE 6001323106763
SHELF LIFE 24 months