Thirst Buster

Thirst Buster Specifications

Animated characters have been utilized to depict the flavours and to appeal to the youth market. Laminated foil sachets have been used to guarantee product freshness for up to 24 months. You can now buy a quality, Flavoured Soft Drink in a 5g sachet, which when diluted with water converts to 2 litres of soft drink.
Thirst Buster - Tangy Fruits 60 x 5g 207H 450x300
DESCRIPTION Thirst Buster – Tangy Fruits
FLAVOURS Grape; Strawberry; Raspberry; Orange
PACK SIZE 60 x 5g
BARCODE 6001323600063
SHELF LIFE 24 months

Thirst Buster - Fruity Burst - 60 x 5g 208H 450x290
DESCRIPTION Thirst Buster – Fruity Burst
FLAVOURS Pineapple; Cream Soda; Granadilla; Lemon
PACK SIZE 60 x 5g
BARCODE 6001323600087
SHELF LIFE 24 months